Why Monitor, Analyse and Report?

Automatic Monitoring & Targeting [aM&T]

Eco Warrior provides an excellent aM&T solution, combining realtime data collection, recording and analysis to provide instant information for Dashboards Displays to encourage user engagement to plant control strategies to avoid excess charging elements

Cost Analysis & Allocation

Accurate costing and allocation provides the data to manage an organisation’s utility costs, be they for Tenant Billing, Cost Reporting or Contract Negotiations. Eco Warrior will automatically identify and allocate costs and charges to ensure cost can be minimised. 

6 Key Applications That Save Costs and Improve Performance


Demand Side Response

Realtime M&T for instant control


Triad Supply Capacity

Forecast & Manage to minimise demands


Customised Dashboards

Display the data that matters


Energy Cost Reduction

Reduce costs. Improve productivity


Tenant Billing & Reporting

Accurate & clear invoicing


Tariff & Contract Costing

Stay in control of negotiations

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