Energy Cost Reductions

Utility costs are ever increasing but there are several ways to minimise and reduce costs, even on the most energy efficient sites. Eco Warrior can help identify and implement saving opportunities for all types of utilities by recognising the underlying causes of waste and cost, whilst improving performance and efficiency that can lead to savings of 10 to 50%.

As costs are based on a number of different elements, dependent upon the utility and tariff, then costs vary by timeof-day, month etc. Each element is monitored and recorded so that analysis can reveal where consumption, demand etc can be reduced, shifted or increased to provide the most cost efficient usage. An increasing important factor is the best use of renewable energy, particularly when self generated.

Water cost reduction is mainly through identifying waste and leakage after taking advantage of the open market to purchase at reduced costs. Water waste is often the highest of the utilities due to its total potential (full bore/pressurised supply) and any
accompanying damage (foundation/road/flooring undercuts) as most is out of sight.

Gas cost reduction can be a mix of out-of-hours operations (e.g. boilers), inefficient operations and waste through unnecessary equipment operation.

Electricity costs can often be the largest utility and offers additional savings through better management. In addition to waste reduction and efficiency improvements, electricity costs often include various charges that can be reduced by modifying use to counter these high cost elements.

In addition to the derived utilities, such as heating and cooling, and their associated costs and efficiencies, the generation and/or use of renewables will become increasingly important. Electricity costs are likely to vary within a day and by seasons, encouraging users to minimise or maximise their use and protect the local and national grid. Add to the mix storage capacity and a new means to reduce costs through investment and management will be available.

ECO Tools Additional Features

Upon entering the initial page of Eco
Tools, a summary of the selected period,
meters and data is clearly displayed
together with over 8 separate analysis
elements. Data can be displayed as
energy, volume, cost and carbon or it can
be customised to suit. These features
allow the manager and team or tenant to
see an overview of usage or drill down to
identify the exact point of interest.

Energy and cost can be displayed per
meter on a day, week and monthly basis
per half hour (the shortest recording
element of the utilities). Individual targets
can be created (part of the system) and
overlayed to easily identify exceptions.

A complete section allows the user to
analyse the highest, lowest and average
usage for any day, period, month and
season. Further analysis and reports are
available for totals, months, years and
maximum demands.

The data collector can be accessed and
interrogated for usage in realtime. Upto 8
meter profiles can be selected to be
displayed with updates every minute if
directly connected to the meter or as data
is received via a non-direct route e.g. via