Verifying Metering to measure correctly

Existing electricity metering has a specific job to perform; to measure the
consumption accurately and display/relay the information correctly. If this is not
achieved then the resultant costing, analysis, reporting and actions are based on
false data.

The correct metering selection, installation and setup will provide years of reliable
performance but many fail upon initial installations or due to failed components in
time. Each element has a manufacturer’s operational lifetime so retesting or
replacements may be required.

Instances include:

 Incorrect connection of components
 Incorrect setup of programmable features
 Incorrectly specified components
 Not achieving the required accuracy or regulations
 Dispute resolutions
 Failed components
 End-of-life performance

Apex offer a service to assess and test existing metering systems to the required
accuracy and establish their correct installation. By establishing which components
are installed and the typical load be used, we can provide a metering point accuracy
class that may explain unusual or suspect readings. Problems associated with
communications can be investigated to achieve a consistent and reliable transfer of

Where metering is required to meet regulations involving costing, such as Tenant
Billing and Capacity Markets, then we can establish the status and may help resolve
disputes. We work towards the Metering Assurance requirements of the MID
regulations and EMR Settlements.

Metering is often tested without interruption to normal operation so plant can
continue to generate.

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