Tennant Billing

Eco Tools is a reporting and analysis software package, ideally suited for tenant reporting and billing. In addition, there is a  comprehensive suit of energy and cost analysis and reporting tools to enable managers to identify usage and waste, providing users with the evidence to help improve efficiency.

Eco Tools obtains its data from any main utility meter or submeter connected to one of several supported data collectors while a background task supplies the Eco Tools package with the data it requires. The system is configured to allow the user to produce the latest reports for the period with minimal effort, for recording and/or dispatching to the clients.

Cost Definition

Costing can be very simple or mimic a more complicated main utility. We provide a custom-generated design, to handle multi-time
period and seasonal charges.  Otherwise, our standard cost template handles all of the common charging elements and can be setup with the minimum of effort. It can handle single, dual and multi-rate periods, STOD charges and environmental charges.

ECO Tools Additional Features

Upon entering the initial page of Eco
Tools, a summary of the selected period,
meters and data is clearly displayed
together with over 8 separate analysis
elements. Data can be displayed as
energy, volume, cost and carbon or it can
be customised to suit. These features
allow the manager and team or tenant to
see an overview of usage or drill down to
identify the exact point of interest.

Energy and cost can be displayed per
meter on a day, week and monthly basis
per half hour (the shortest recording
element of the utilities). Individual targets
can be created (part of the system) and
overlayed to easily identify exceptions.

A complete section allows the user to
analyse the highest, lowest and average
usage for any day, period, month and
season. Further analysis and reports are
available for totals, months, years and
maximum demands.

The data collector can be accessed and
interrogated for usage in realtime. Upto 8
meter profiles can be selected to be
displayed with updates every minute if
directly connected to the meter or as data
is received via a non-direct route e.g. via